Mar 14, 2012

Careful Where You Put That Icy Hot...

I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth this afternoon. 
I was headed up the highway and had just eaten some almonds and well, it was the right thing to do.
I brush a lot... probabaly 6-8 times per day. 
The theory is that if you brush your teeth you will not be tempted to eat that piece of luschious chocolate cake starring at you. 
My beautiful, thin, blonde, perfect toothed friend told me this years ago. 
I figured out a way around this theory years ago too.... eat the cake, it will still taste good and have the cold glass of milk along with it. It's good for you after all and will keep those pearly whites strong.. 
After the cake you can brush your teeth again, and again, and ... you get the idea of why I brush a lot. 

I grabbed the container of toothpaste and spread it on the brush. It smelled a bit minty and I thought it was my husbands sensitive teeth toothpaste. He's a sensitive soul.
I love mint and started to brush.... hmm, this is kind of funny tasting, smells minty but not much flavor.
Wow, I will have to ask him where he bought this, and don't buy it again.
I rinsed my mouth and boom!
I grabbed the tube and read ... Icy Hot pain relieving cream. NO!
In case of accidental ingestion seek medical help immediately or call poison control!

I searched through the drawer, found the real toothpaste, brushed my teeth twice, reviewing in my mind how much I may or may not have injested of the icy hot cream starting to burn my airways.
Agh.. this back pain WILL be the death of me, just not how I pictured it!

Would I crash my car after going into convulsions on my way up the highway? 
Should I call Poison Control? 
Should I call my husband? 
Should I go online, searching for answers?
I contemplated all these options for about 29 seconds and couldn't decide which would be more humiliating or scare me to death. Internet was not an option. That would lead to immediate death for sure. 
Poison Control, nah, too humilating and probably be put on hold. 
Husband? And hear the laughter between here and the O.R., nah.
I chanced it. I risked it. I ventured out, onto the highway, thumbing my nose at danger.....
to live another day.
 On a positive note, my back is feeling pretty good.

Have you ever done this? 
What is the dumbest thing you can remember doing that you would share?

I will never forget the time I wore two differant sneakers to my son's field trip. 
We moms were huddled around in a circle, as moms do on field trips. 
I looked down at our feet and mine didn't match... each other.
 Instead of hiding this fact I burst out laughing at myself. 
It was kind of ridiculous. 

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