Aug 22, 2011

First Day For My Girls

Today is the first day of classes for many of "my girls".  The past four years I have had the pleasure of spending most wednesday evenings with a group of lovely students in a small group setting.
We laugh, share, cry and seek to be followers of Jesus. We read books, study scripture, watch movies, eat delicious, unhealthy foods and talk about their hopes and dreams.

Five of these students graduated this spring and have spent this week moving into college dorms, finding their way along paths that are new to them. Setting up a home away from home, most in cozy rooms with bunk beds.... with way too little space for any college girl's wardrobe.

I love these students, both the college girls and the ones left to work through the remaining years of high school. Soon, it will be their turn and they will traverse these deep waters, wading through times of unease and balancing the new lives they have found themselves in. Where do they fit, who will they choose as friends? How nice to have a choice.

They have made a wedge deep into my heart. 
These are amazing women I speak of. Each one is beautiful, starting with a light given by their creator. They shine brightly because they know whom they belong to. They will choose well and remember what they were created for. They will give generously to their communities as they share the gifts they have been blessed with.

Rise brightly women. You are more precious than rubies to your heavenly Father.
Your value cannot be measured. Your worth, enough to die for. Be brave, be strong and be who you were intended to be... by your Father God.

"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies."
Proverbs 31:10

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