Aug 23, 2011

Chosen One Or Self Considerer?

This is my son, whom I love, whom I am well pleased. Whom I delight in. 
He is not a perfect boy, but my eyes see his goodness, his heart, his strength of character, his perseverance, his joy of life.

Does this sound familiar? This is how God looks at us.
If I see the beauty of my son through human eyes, which delight in judgement, point out error and flaw, how then does our creator view us?

He gazes upon us as beautiful, pleasing, righteous, daughters and sons of The Most High. We are His treasure, His jewels, His redeemed, His best and His chosen ones.

He desires to use us today. To transform us, for His good and mighty work.
Will we be ready and willing to step forth and go?
Or will we self- consider?

Oswald Chambers wrote, " If you are truly recognizing your Lord, you have no business being concerned with the how and where. He engineers your circumstances. If you debate for even one second if God has spoken to you, its all over for you. Be reckless immediately, totally unrestrained and willing to risk everything, casting your all upon Him."

These words either terrify or thrill you.
Which is it?

What is your view of God and what do you think He sees when He looks upon your face?
Is it scriptural and true or are you self considering? 

Be reckless and willing to risk it all... for Him.
Look upon the Truth today.

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