Aug 23, 2011

My Prayer List

I have been thinking about prayer lately. I have found myself praying for my son and daughter during the nighttime, when sleep promises to overtake me. 
Praying for their immediate needs, their futures, their future mates, the day to day decisions they make. 
The daughter, a senior. She needs prayer for decisions for graduate school. Where is she feeling led by God? 
The son, a freshman. Also a Division 1 athlete in xcountry and track.
 He has high expectations and demands on him. I pray for his running and his strength, 17 miles is a long way to run on one sunday morning.
 I pray hard. 
I pray for his friendships and relationships.
He has done well, persevered. 
I am thankful, grateful, blessed.

My mind turns to the students I know who do not have parents praying for them. 
A missing part of their lives, one of the most important.
Yet..... I can pray for them.

I have parents who pray for me... still. I had prayer warrior grandparents who prayed for me. What a difference this makes in a life.
I have seen the benefits of prayer.
I am a product of prayer...

I feel called to revaluate prayer.
Who am I praying for?
Do I hold up my small group students, though they are not my small group anymore? Pray.....
Do I pray for the student I know, who has had a very difficult life and is trying to make a better one for himself? He is feeling defeated.
Do I pray for my neighborhood, both past and present?
Do I pray for the boards I have been a part of and loved? These people who give selflessly, for the cause of Christ.
Do I pray for the women I know, trying to raise families, fighting for their children? Pray.....
Do I pray for the small groups I have been a part of and loved?
Do I pray for my church, even though I am not there anymore? 
Do I pray for the church I have not yet found?
Do I pray for the young couple, who travel to far away places each fall and return in the spring? They miss their families desperately and are searching for future direction. Pray.....
Do I pray for the young family who has just moved and taking on new responsibilities? They miss their home, with their friends and church. 
Do I pray for the place I worked at, the women I love there, The babies that are saved? Pray.....
Do I pray for my country, my president, the persecuted church?

The list is endless...
Prayer changes things. I see it everyday... and I am amazed. Amazed at the depth of His love for His people. 

Be earnest and unwearied and steadfast in your prayer [life], being [both] alert and intent in [your praying] with thanksgiving.Colossians 4: 2

Be unceasing in prayer [praying perseveringly] 1 Thessalonians 5: 17

Who are YOU being called to pray for today?

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