Aug 24, 2011

Trouble At Target

I should have learned by now. I know better. I have done this way too many times. 
It is a problem I have..... walking away from my shopping cart. 

Only to walk up to another persons cart, place my items in it and go about my merry way.
It happened again last night. This time the husband was with me....

I called his phone, looking for him.
This is why he is not usually invited to large buildings, malls or stores with me.
He is a one man disappearing act.
He could disappear in our back yard, when it was 100 acres and just as easily when it was one third of an acre... really, serious as a heart attack.
That man can disappear in 1.2 seconds... leaving me mystified. 
I know he does it just to drive me crazy.

Upon his answer to my call of his whereabouts, he proceeded to tell me he was putting a jar of peanut-butter into the cart. I quickly responded that I had the cart, looking down and realizing I had no idea what these items were in my cart.

I had not purchased a hair net, strange looking women's underwear, or a bottle of Aqua Net hair spray. 
I released my grip on the cart, looked around and fled the scene. 
That's when the giggling took over. 
When I found Hawkeye he had that look on his face. The "What did you do?!" look.
I have seen that often.

I can't believe I did it again..
and what about the surprised shopper... who by the way, also walked away from her cart? 
Let that be a lesson to her. Stay with your cart people... just like airport security here! 
I probably helped her learn a valuable lesson. One I have obviously not mastered.

Time to get out of Dodge..... heading quickly to the front of the store and trying to look innocent.
The check out gal asked us if we had found everything we were looking for. I smiled and said, "Yes, we found everything, thank you!"... when my husband decides to open his mouth and share some of what had transpired. I gave him the evil eye and he stopped, though the smirking and mumbling continued.

As we walk out of the store Hawkeye started laughing, telling me there had been an older couple walking around and the lady was responding to her irritated husband that she had no idea where it was. He thought they were looking for peanut butter like he was. 
Evidently they were looking for their stolen cart.
I just hope they learned their lesson.

That's my random bit of wisdom.
Always glad to help.


  1. Cute story. I walk away from my cart all the time. When we were in Kansas a couple of weeks ago, my sister and I were out shopping. I kept walking away and she'd go back and get the cart. I wear my purse messenger style so never put it in the cart. She always drops hers in the cart so guards her cart closely. We each have our own habits.

    Also, just a big of trivia, because you used the phrase, did you know Get out of Dodge originated with Dodge City, which happens to be in Kansas? About an hour and a half away from where you are right now.

    I know it's nasty hot there, but at least it's not as humid as it is here!

  2. ha, ha yes, I knew about Dodge City.
    It is hot as, well , you know:). But, the mornings and evenings are great, quite dry. Sometimes you actually feel like you may burn up when you go outside at noon! HA!


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