Dec 16, 2010

Flying really is a contact sport

Flew down to florida this week to see my parents.
There is something called flight ettiquette and I wish I could find it in book form and hand them out on my return trip. Perhaps it is something that still needs to be written....

Let me say, its never good form to thrust your overpacked carry on into my shoulder as you careen down the aisle in hopes of the last empty spot in the overhead .... the gentleman behind him looking at me, mouthing, "you okay?"
Yes, I half smiled, as he handed me his food carton and milk, not quite asking if I would hold it, while putting his carry on into the dark world of overhead bins.  Actually this did not bother me... we had bonded over the infliction of pain to my shoulder.

Yes, he was my seat mate and mostly normal( my idea of normal) though he did tap my arm when he talked to me .... kinda what I do to my husband as I try and get his attention and which he finds mostly annoying.
I am starting to see why :).

Another thing you might consider refraining from is tapping your glass of ice to the music that only you can hear... because you are the one with the head phones on.  The man opposite us did this for the entire trip.
This was cause for one of my neighbors taps to my arm, again okay because we were buds by now.

Another of our travel mates had the habit of smacking her lips.... no idea why but combined with the ice man... well, it was almost musical. Emphasis on almost.

Next flight I was sitting with two young fellas and the one closest to me decided it was time for some personal grooming. This included raised arm, elbow clearly in my space, finger in his mouth where he commenced chewing. This went on the duration of the trip...... really, your killing me.

The man behind me arrived late with massive amounts of carry-ons. Okay, it was only two but they were carry-ons from, well.... you know where.  He decided business class was where his luggage should go and thus began the task of placing said items into this cavernous space.. Hmm, this wasnt going to fly, pardon the pun.

The flight attendant explained that this area was reserved for business class, no matter that it was half empty.  The rest of the plane was open to him, first come first served though so good luck.

Well, there arose such a clatter and what to my wondering eyes did appear but Ricky, our flight attendant in darling flight gear....who jumped to the rescue.
He jammed and slammed over my head until my young neighbor screamed expletive that hurt my ears and told Ricky to take it easy on his luggage.
 Well, Ricky was offended and huffed away, never to be seen again.

The guy who arrived late looked at me and said, "gee, i hope he doesn't jump off the plane like that other guy did."
Oh dear.....

Moral of the story... no idea really, just know it's a jungle out there.  Ya might want to wear a helmet and some padding.

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