Dec 18, 2010

Party planning by God - 101

Yesterday the hubby arrived home. He will be home for two weeks. I have been looking forward to a No Fly zone and making believe we are the Waltons for a couple of days.  Not Sam Walton.... but John boy. 
Today the daughter drives home from college.  As an R.A. she "gets to" spend an extra week at school, making sure all is well in her Hall.  She is anxious to be home.  I am more anxious.
The son has told his dad they need to do some Christmas shopping today for the sister and madre.  The husband is very excited about visiting the mall....  (blatant lie)

Our Christmas begins when everyone arrives home this afternoon . 
We will come together and celebrate Jesus birth and the joys and blessing of being family. 

At Christmas time we spend time planning. We make lists, check them twice.... or lose them if you are like me.  We plan parties, food, gifts and decor. We want to make lasting memories for our loved ones. 
The amazing thing is that God was the original party planner. We are talking party planning on steroids.
And without a Target I might add!
We only need to look to his word to see the planning he arranged for the biggest celebration ever. 

When the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son. (Galatians 4:4)
 God planned the time, the location, the roads prepared by the Romans, the census that would be taken demanding the attention of this couple and the need to travel at this late stage of pregnancy. 
God planned the place in Bethlehem, not an Inn with a warm fire and a cup of soup ready for the weary travelers, yet a place where God's creation surrounded them. 

Turns out , all the preparation I put into things is sometimes lost on the point of the celebration.  Not so when God plans a party. He is proof to the saying, "keep it simple". 
The greatest night of mankind was celebrated in a smelly, cold barn and yet the beauty and glory that was part of this celebration cannot be compared to anything man can create. 
Even better was the reason for this party he gave us. LOVE, pure and simple. God loved us so much that he sent his son... for us... for YOU. 

God...the ultimate party planner. On call 24/7,  and he is expecting you.  Make your reservation today.

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