Aug 22, 2011

Thanks Chuck

Today is a gift, a blessing, a new beginning. 
I sit in a different chair, in a new office, with a fresh view.
 I read through some devotionals this morning and one is by an old friend of mine, Chuck Swindoll. 
Chuck doesn't know me, but I know him. He has been in my life for years. I have listened intently to his words. I have grown through his teaching, in the form of books and radio. He has mentored me. Funny, how that can happen when he is unaware. 
Maybe a good reminder to us..... 

I really like Chuck. 
I like his name (reminds me of Charlie Brown... and I feel a little like Lucy sometimes)
I like that he was a marine. He knows hardship, pain, perseverance. He drives a Harley. I have always wanted a Harley and have my motorcycle license. I love my husband more than Harleys so I have refrained. 

Today Chuck was speaking directly to me. 

One of the most difficult commands to hear, and one of the hardest commands to obey, is the command to hide. The admonition to go off and be alone, to get away from the public spotlight, to drop back and deliberately remain hidden. This is especially true if you are comfortable in the limelight, an up-front kind of person, one who is obviously gifted with leadership abilities. It's also true if you are a doer. A get-the-job-done kind of person.

You may be a capable woman, whether homemaker or career woman. Then, suddenly, you are snatched from your world of endless activity and effective involvement. God says, in no uncertain terms, "Hide yourself. Get alone. Get out of the limelight. Get away from all those things that satisfy your human pride and ego, and go live by the brook."

chuck swindoll

Some of these words apply deeply to me. The reality is He has plucked me from where I was and all I was involved in and loved doing. 
This may be my time in the desert or the brook. I will look at this as an opportunity. 
God took people He could use to the desert, to prepare them and shape them.
I pray my desert will be filled with wisdom and truth from the God who loves me and has a perfect plan for me.

God gave me an opportunity this weekend. To speak His truth to His people. I am grateful and thankful. I pray He provides more opportunities like this. 
The truth is I want to be used by Him, for His glory.... not my glory.... so I look forward to the quiet He is bringing me today.

Lord God, use me for your glory and may I be a pleasing aroma to you. May people see you, not me when I speak. And... thank you for Chuck. He has been your faithful son for many years. Bless him today! May your truths be my joy and blessing.
Love, your faithful, totally dependent(on you) daughter

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