Aug 24, 2010

The land of OZ ?!

lemons in Italy

Dear Dorothy,
Hate Oz, kept the shoes. Find your own way home.
signed, Toto

This is a magnet on my fridge I picked up in where else but...... Kansas. It makes me laugh and yet how much truth is there in it?  Maybe more than i would like to admit.
I love the shoes( blessings) but not so much the place( the discomfort). 

The truth is God cares more about my character than my comfort.  Most days I am grateful for that. When I am weak, he is strong...just like the song so many of us learn as little children. Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong. They are weak but he is strong.

Jeremiah learned this early in his life and lived it well. He knew God was the most important relationship he would ever develop. He wasn't concerned about his comfort or security. He feared chasing the wrong thing, the things without any eternal value. 
God tells us in his word, Miss anything else, but don't miss my voice. 

That is what i am fearful of sometimes. I don't want to miss his voice...... more than anything else in my life..... don't let me miss my God calling to me.

"what a waste it would be to take these short, precious, eternity charged years that we are given and squander them in cocktail chatter when we can be, like Jeremiah, vehemently human and passionate with  God."     Running with the Horses - Eugene Peterson

So...each day i must decide what to do with what God has given me. Okay, somedays it doesnt seem like much, both from a look in the mirror and a look around me :)
Somedays may feel like exile. New surroundings, new friends, new schools, new jobs, new weather....whatever it is, this is where God has placed me. This is my only chance to live by faith, today.
God has placed me among his land and with people he loves. Will i love them too?

Scared, confused, fearful, afraid of rejection.... the list can be long. But, the good news is, God knows our lists and he is so much bigger than our dumb (lets face it) lists.  He has gone before us to where he has just placed us. This is a fact and one we forget.... all the time.

I am going to live by that good news today and experience abundant life.


  1. I love ya Dale! I miss our talks but now I get to read your blog and you seem right here with me!

  2. I'm so thankful for your reminder that God is bigger than my silly lists. Whew!


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