Sep 27, 2010


So, what makes our life epic?
 D.M. wrote, " I wonder how much it costs to be rich in friends and how many years and stories and scenes it takes to make a rich life happen. You cant build an end scene( to a movie) as beautiful as this by sitting on the couch."
I love that...... You cant sit on the couch and have a great life, ya just cant. You can't watch some fictitious person have a make believe life on TV and come away with anything but a small dose of entertainment for a moment, that will be gone by the time your head hits the pillow.

Why do we constantly repeat scenes from movies when we could be repeating scenes from our movie?
I cant remember most scenes from movies and I thought there was something wrong with me. I have come to realize they are simply not important to me and they don't make the cut in my movie. Those scenes are laying on the floor. Crumbled, cut up and forgotten.

I CAN tell you what ridiculously funny things my husband or one of my kids has said or done over the years.
I can tell you when we were in Europe this summer, going through security( if you can call it that) at the Paris airport what my 2O yr old daughter did. She was not feeling well, had been up flying all night and had it with these lovely french people who do not know how to cue up like the good Brits do... We ended up in our own line and she spouted off that we we needed to move as she waved off the young man at security and we all followed her, like good little sheep. He moved back and let us pass! Maybe he thought she was some famous american actor?! I am not sure if she is allowed back in the country at this point.
We laughed for so long as she did not quite realize what she did and we got away with it. I will probably always remember that.  It was funnier than most movie scenes..... because it was real and not from a Hollywood factory.

I want my life to be lived off the couch for sure.  I don't think most epic novels are created in the living room.
So, I am challenged that much more to live my life in color and in real time. Today is all we have. We are not promised tomorrow. I am so thankful that my husband drinks the same juice as i do. We are both all in. All in for this amazing, crazy fun, scary roller coaster we call life.
So thanks D.M.. Thanks for reminding me what makes a good story. One with vivid pictures and action shots and colorful people and always full of surprises. Most of all, relationships with people we love ......and always God. The creator of all that is good, pleasing and enjoyable!

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