Sep 20, 2010

where you treasure is.......

Where your Treasure is, there your heart will be also.

For most of my life my treasure has been in the wrong place, at the wrong time and mostly the wrong stuff.

I am so thankful God has shown me a better way to live. I am thankful that God keeps working in me and showing me more. More of him and more of what he has for me. Please don't ever stop showing me God. 

Treasures - accumulated or stored wealth in forms of precious jewels, money and other valuables. Precious possessions of any kind.

The precious possessions I see are the young pastors who desire to serve God by sharing the freedom of Christ with the youth of my community on a Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday nights and the many other contacts they make all week long. 
The girls who come to a sunday night service and invite another girl to their small group on wednesday nights. They tell them they are a family, white, black, asian, mexican and they love each other. They share their struggles each week and their joys. 
Its the young man who invites  and invites and invites and sometimes  sees nothing for his efforts. But he knows the truth in his heart. He knows he is to continue and not worry about the end result. He is to do what Jesus has called him to do..........Love his brothers and sisters.
Its the girls in a small group that welcome a new girl with smiles and words that encourage her to come back. She knows she has found a safe place.
Its the multitude of adults who come and serve these students ... even when the Giants game is on :)
They are real live role models instead of the mostly disappointing options these students find in the world of sports and entertainment.

My treasure is in these things. The treasures that have eternal value.... people who are precious possessions.
The relationships we build with one another. The people that challenge me to live a better life, that stretch me, that hold me accountable.

For where my treasure is, there my heart will be also.

Hawkeye on The Comfort - storing up his treasure in heaven :) i love this guy.

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