Nov 29, 2010

comfort zone

Comfort Zones are nice, if we're talking about the thermostat in our home. 
They get a little tricky when we get personal.

 God didn't seem concerned about our comfort zone in the Bible.
 He did not say, " Be comfortable, have a full belly, stay warm and cozy at all times."  Actually, that sounds more like my dog.... it really is a dogs life.

He did not say, "Do not be concerned with things that make you squirm, feel queasy, uneasy, seem unfixable and without hope."  

He did not say, " You do not have to love those people.  They are different than you and you will not understand their ways. "

God IS calling us to love our brothers, serve unconditionally, give extravagantly.... love till it hurts.
A radical faith... like the early church.  Hmm, now there's an idea. 

Whatever He is calling us to, may make us uncomfortable.
Truth is... Gods got a plan for us, today, tomorrow, till he calls us home.
Truth is..... God wants our participation. He longs for us to join him.

Truth is..... God cares more about our character than our comfort.
We have eternity to be comfortable, but only today to make a difference for eternity.

So, do we want what's right outside our comfort zone?  God's BEST for us. A crazy love, radical faith in our Father God.  A passion that the world tells us is not necessary..... You do not need to give that much, love that passionately or go out of your way for someone you may not even know. 

Yes, God calls us to love, unconditionally and without limits.
Are we passionately in love with him to live this way? 
Its a question I will ask myself each day.
I will chose each day to serve God or man.
Will I get uncomfortable for Christ?

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