Dec 7, 2010

must change attitude...

So, this little darling was pretty much me for a long time, in fact we could have been twins ...but for the curly hair, 
shape of face and clothing choices. I wasn't quite so fashionable at that age. Okay, so maybe I am still not...... but 
what I can relate to is her 
pout and folded arm attitude of "don't mess with me."

How many times do I not ask for a change of heart, a new attitude, forgiveness from my heavenly father?  Not
often enough perhaps... 

I have a friend who is on an amazing spiritual journey, a battle really.  A crisis in your life will often 
times do this. Who will win the prize, satan or God?  Note to self... You are the prize. Yes, its true. You will either walk away from God or run into his open arms.   

She seems to have open eyes, 
seeing his open arms. She is cautiously jogging towards him. I am hoping to see skipping soon:). The cautiousness is not from her lack of faith but 
maybe more in her recognition that this calls for a huge attitude change.... a life change.  I believe this is the life 
change she has been desiring, and yet it can still be scary.

But her comments are what I go back to ... she can see her selfishness, her own desires, her need for change.  

She is quick to say she is new in her faith, early in her journey. I remind her that this doesnt matter. When God 

gets a hold of you and you are "all in", that is when he starts working in you. You have given your self over to a 

new attitude, recognizing who you want to serve and what your life is really all about. Note - Its not about You, its 
about HIM.

Her humble words are spoken with Gods wisdom, not hers. I can see the Holy Spirit working in her. It is an awesome  thing to behold and I have much joy in watching this unfold.

Must. Change. Attitude.
Ouch, I think I needed to hear that today.

"Repent..., so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord." Acts 3:19 

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