Jan 25, 2011

Ladies... writing a good story.

My High School ladies are some pretty amazing chicks. They would laugh at my terminology but that's okay.  This is my blog:)
We meet together once a week and I see them on Sunday nights at our High School worship service. 
These girls are my "other daughters".  They reach a pretty high standard for me to say that because my daughter is pretty amazing. 
Some of them are seniors now and I have been with them since they were freshman. I am so proud of them and they occupy a special place in my heart.
Others have only been with me a short time but I love them the same. They are lovely and bless me when I am with them. They have made me a better person.

We share life together each week,  encouraging one another in our faith. They have faiths that run deep and when I look back at myself at their ages... well, they just amaze me. I couldn't hold a candle to them.

They are real. We share real stuff, no fluff here. I hate fluff. We try and dig deep. They know they can trust me. I will never share their words or thoughts and they know I will not judge them..... trust me, I would be the last one to do that! Been judged at their age and it hurts and you don't forget it. You forgive but somethings you should not forget ... so they are not repeated. 

If I have made them sound like perfect little Christian girls then please forgive me. I don't want any of them. If they are perfect... don't come to my house. You will go home flawed and dirty.  These ladies deal with all the same stuff other teens do. The difference with them is their willingness to be molded, into something beautiful by God and for his glory.

Last week i started reading them Donald Millers Book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.  My husband and I really liked it and it made us want to write a better story. Thats what its about... Your Story. It seemed like a great opportunity to share with people who haven't lived half their life and feel like they need a "Do Over".
So, these ladies loved it and that made me happy. I love when people "get it" or maybe I mean"get me". We seemed to like his style and humor and also the beauty and depth of his words. 
When I read this book I recognize what truly good writing is. This guy is a genius. 
He is also quirky and I love quirky. 
If you don't love quirky, just wait a few years. Some things we appreciate as we mature and quirky is up high on my list. 
We are surrounded by serious, black and white people in life and when you meet someone living in color.. wow, it knocks my socks off!

When i finished reading, my most awesome girls said to me, " You have a great voice for reading to us" and " you should write a book like this".  Okay, so here are these amazing ladies saying this to me.  I look at them and the potential in the room is scary. The brains, beauty, love for Christ, generosity and joy....... and they paid me such a lovely compliment!

I can't wait to see what God does with their lives. My prayer is that each one will seek God in ALL things through their lifetimes. That they will glorify Him in their day to day lives. That their lights will not go out and that they will use each obstacle as an opportunity to be obedient. The blessings they will receive will be without measure. I can promise them this!

We are going to continue reading Don's book and they will see how they can live a better life right now! No waiting, no "Do Overs". They can get it right the first time. They are up for the challenge and then I am going to keep challenging them because they are world changers! 

"A good movie has memorable scenes and so does a good life. "Donald Miller-  A million miles in a thousand years.

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