Feb 9, 2011

Art Linkletter, dreads and stuff the son says ..........


Dan-"I wish I could chew like a dog."......  me-" Really? Why? They can't close their mouth and they have terrible table manners...... On second thought, I think you do chew like a dog."

Dan-"I wish I were black."............ me-"Hmm, who told you your not?"

Dan-"You know how all vans have that van smell?" ........ me-"Huh? No." That is just a weird statement Dan.

Dan-"I'm gonna grow dreads."...... me-"Really, cause you have the whitest bread hair I have ever seen. Just saying, sorry."

Dan-"I wish life had a soundtrack to go with it, playing in my head"...... me-"hmm, I think you are on to something bud, because it does and you get to choose it." ...... I LOVE this kid!

Dan- "We are all winners in our own hearts."...... me-"Yes, Dan I love that you said this years ago and have repeated it many times. It's true and you certainly are in my heart."

When he was a 2 yr old I would take his face in my hands and say, "Hello handsome" and he would respond with "hello Beautiful." Precious little blonde boy he was:).
and when he was about 5 he would say....
Dan-"I miss daddy Mark."........... me-"You didn't even know daddy Mark!"

Who was it years ago that said, "kids say the darnedest things?"  
Art Linkletter of course. 
Art Linkletter was born in 1912 and abandoned as an infant. He was raised by a preacher and his wife . Before his own death in 2010 he had lost a daughter to suicide, a son to an auto accident and another to Lymphoma. He certainly understood rejection as a child and pain throughout his life. And yet, he seemed to hang on to some joy in life. He had one of the most popular shows on T.V. , "Kids say the Darnedest things."

Out of the mouth of babes..........
So, when my 17 yr old babe says something, ridiculous or not, am I listening? 
Do I hear what he is really saying, in between the words he is willing to share?
Do I push him to choose Gods best for his life?

Am I the biggest encourager in his life? 
When I discipline him, do I remind him that it truly is because I love him, I believe in him and recognize God has given me a responsibility to be his mentor and not his friend?

I saw some proof this week when his facebook status said,  "Stressful day, but God and my moms love pull me through".

" You, fathers(and mothers), bring your children up in the training, and admonition of the Lord."
Ephesians 6: 4

What you put into your children's hearts today influences their character for tomorrow.

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  1. Sweet! This boy of yours is a great guy, Dale (and Bob)... even tho he does use a lot of words for a boy!!

    We kinda like him around here. :)


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