May 5, 2011

Cannonball Part 2- Let The Adventure Begin

In John 21,  Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved Him. Peter's response was "Yes Lord, you know I love you." ..... Three times Jesus tells Peter to "Feed My sheep."
When God repeats Himself in His word, we are to pay extra attention. Take notice. An assignment has been given.

Jesus was asking Peter for agape/unconditional love for His people.  

Our High School ladies are seeking to share that agape love within their sphere of influence, their peers and also their wider community.
Their plans are coming together to feed His sheep, in love, grace and desire to build relationship.

They have chosen well.

They will bless strangers with a portion of the money. This will happen at a gas station and a grocery store. They are excited, to meet a stranger and hand them a gift card. They will choose carefully and part of the blessing will be waiting for Gods leading, in who the recipients will be.
They want to include a short comment, recognizing where this comes from..... not them, but from the Maker of heavens and earth.
"Feed me sheep", Jesus said.

They have chosen students in their local schools,.
One.... who is always on the outside, looking in.  The one that is made fun of. Our student is inviting her to lunch next week. She will build that relationship and tell us how we can bless her. She is super excited about this..  and so are we!

They have a family they are excited to bless. A family that always gives instead of receives. A family that never complains, but instead gives God the glory. A family that prays.  Our prayer is that God will remind this family that they need to be the receiver sometimes.

They have a ministry chosen. One that is connected close to our hearts. The blessing will be doubled as we touch children's lives. "Feed my sheep", Jesus said.

They have chosen students from their High School Church service who come from completely different worlds than theirs. The struggles are big. Our call is clear.... Feed my sheep.
These ladies cannot change these students circumstances, yet they can encourage them by offering hope for a future... and funds for a mission trip this summer . 
God provides hope through His people... building up the Body of Christ.
Leaders for Christ... both the giver and sometimes, the receiver. 

These ladies are just getting started... 

"Feed my sheep"...... could Jesus have made it any clearer?

These students have been given $5,000 from First Christian Church. The purpose is to bless others.

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