May 3, 2011

Cannonball Part 1 - Sunday Blessings...Let The Adventure Begin

Our High School Small Group has been chosen to bless. Bless people who will not expect it, some who will not understand it and others who will smile from ear to ear , recognizing...  it's not from us. They have been blessed from above.

The students are excited. We have talked and shared ideas and are planning and scheming ways to make this the best gift it can be. To touch the people God places on their hearts.

The challenge has been given. Where will they find their passion in this opportunity before them? What breaks their heart... where they want to help, get involved, build a relationship?

The money is only one part of the gift.  When people find out you care about them, well... there is no value that we can place on that. A hug, a kind word, an offer to help. Now we are living as Jesus taught us.

We have $5,000 to use as God directs. The students are praying. Praying for His divine guidance and wisdom. We will use this money, recognizing it is God's money. We will watch for the overflow from this opportunity. It will start in these students lives as they see that it truly is more blessed to give than to receive.

Let the adventure begin.

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