Jun 18, 2011

The Written Word

I have missed the paper and pen. The thoughts that make it to words written down.....here.

Life has thrown me a curve. A son who grew up and went to college orientation and came back a man. Time to put on my big girl pants and deal with it.
Besides, isn't that what I have been praying for and teaching him?
Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes!

God and I wrestled about it last night. He won and thats probably a good thing.
Its just that He seems to be asking a lot of me lately. Do this, go there, say this, move here..... really God, are you sure?

I recognized last night or early this morning that change is here. He has told me, promised me that He has great things ahead for me. Things to mold me, push me, change me.  I said "Yes, you betcha God! I'm all in!" Somewhere along the line, I changed gears or tracks or just thought I knew better. 
I started rationalizing. That is never a good idea with God.
More on that in another blog. The things He continues to teach me, over and over..... and over again:)

I am back on course and part of that needs to be the reminder that He called me to be here.

Here, in the moment with Him and also here..... on this blog. He deserves more from me and I need Him to teach me through this process. 

So, I am considering how to go forward here. 
I found a great blog site by John Acuff. My daughter sent it to me and I am so thankful. He has great insight into blogging and writing. Learning from one of the best is probably a good path.

So, I begin from here. I begin to trust again, to the Creator. The one that has given me opportunities and always a choice to make. I will choose Him, through the tough times and the joyous ones.
Through the changes of life. 
Oh Lord, may I always see the blessing, the joy, the opportunity in front of me. May I bring You glory in each moment. You are my reason for being.

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