Sep 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary Hawkeye

Today is my 19th wedding anniversary. I love being married. My husband is a wonderful guy, very generous and mostly does not question my decisions, purchases, ideas.... 

Friday I found a beautiful, overstuffed, comfy chair for our living room.
We needed one.. badly. There was an open space that was crying to be filled.
Being the budget minded (cheap) consumer that I am, I just could not bring myself to spend $1,500 for a chair. I was thinking possibly I could slip cover our two Illini folding chairs. Maybe a nice floral would hide the lack of cushions.
On Friday I drove by this lovely furniture store that I have visited previously... Bingo... a sale!
I swerved, I mean pulled over, jumped out and what did my eyes land on in 3.2 seconds? A chair. Not just any chair, a glorious chair. A richly colored, cozy chair, that my friend would say, "Screams Dale Coleman". She always says that!
The chair was priced at $395.00. The tag under it said $695.00 which had been the sale price 10 minutes ago. Yup, they had just marked it down again. Before that I am sure it was over $2,000. Okay, maybe $995.00.
Clearly, God had provided this chair ... for me.
I sat down and immediately sunk into the pillowy cushions. I hollered from down under, "I'll take it!"
I know a good deal when I see one.
Then I found another chair. This was also on sale and looked like it had been taken out of a French cottage. It was also screaming my name...
I knew it would be perfect for our bedroom.
Then there were pillows, purple and gray and lovely. Have you priced pillows lately? These were too good to pass up.
Wow, this anniversary was really shaping up for Hawkeye!

After pushing and shoving my purchases in to my smallish suv, with the help of two bright college boys who scientifically determined which chair should go first. ....truthfully it was a process of elimination, but whatever they want to think. Reality is I pulled and drug both chairs out of the car and into my house, all by myself.

I rushed home, placed the furniture, no time to sit and enjoy.
Time to meet our new veterinarian. I pushed the dog into the car this time and proceeded down the road.
On the way , I almost got a ticket for speeding. Good thing I wasn't...... as I saw the policeman standing IN THE MIDDLE of the road, pointing a gun.. okay a speed gun at my car.
What was he thinking?
Who does that?
I could have hit him.
Would it have been my fault or his?
Interesting question I think.

We arrived safely at the veterinarian and quickly we met our new, I mean her new Doc. He was wonderful,  friendly, did I mention handsome? Molly liked him immediately.
We discussed her weight. Yes, she needs to lose a few lbs. Let him without sin cast the first stone, I say. Okay, the Bible says it, but that's good enough for me.
Then he said she has a crack in her tooth and proceeded to describe the many ways we can take care of this. I hear something about laser cleaning, root canals, bacteria, extraction and possibly even dentures. Not sure, I had gone to my happy place and he really isn't that handsome on second thought.
Really, can we go back and talk about her weight?

I signed Molly up for her many boarding, I mean vacation opportunities at our lovely new Vet. facility.  She will be staying in the suites with multiple windows and opportunities to growl, I mean interact with other dogs. She will enjoy a "free" bath and have the time of her life, the brochure claims. No, I did not bother to tell them she hates water and runs away from sprinklers. They are professionals, they can figure it out.  She had better come home wagging.
I have gotten better deals on Priceline for a four star compared to what this is costing, and I didn't have to bring my bed.

How much is this visit going to cost ? Root canals... are you kidding me?

On the road again....
arrived home, no time to make dinner, maybe we can go out. Oops, spent quite a bit on money today, maybe will have to eat on the cheap... like a fancy drive through. Too bad we don't have a Chick- fil- A yet.. that would be perfect.
I could bring it home, put it on china and Hawkeye would think he had died and gone to poultry heaven. I whip up some dark fudge, with toasted walnut brownies.  Hawkeye prefers homemade white cake and icing.. that's an all day project you know.

Upon Hawkeye's arrival home he agreed that we could not have lived without the days purchases and that the dog deserved top accommodations as well as good dental hygiene... and early retirement was clearly out of the question....

The weekend continued along the same line. Small jobs became big jobs, the honey do list loomed larger and he may have been wondering what he signed up for.
The dinner plans, the movies, even the football games either didn't happen or were quickly watched on DVR.
Maybe next weekend will be better though maybe not... the real kids will be involved. Ching, ching... I can promise Hawkeye a comfy chair to sink into while he looks at his credit card bill and hopefully a yummy homemade cake to enjoy.
Oh how I love that boy.

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