Jan 18, 2012

Be Courageous

Last night my husband and I found ourselves looking at one another after dinner saying, "What do you want to do?". Okay, it was actually me saying that to him. He looked at me and responded, " Watching the basketball game might be fun." He had that little grin on his face, the one that knew I would think that was a bad idea.  Mind you, Illinois wasn't even playing.

I asked him if he wanted to do my exercise workout on the TV?  He was tossing the weighted ball around.  We started tossing it back and forth, then he said it was so boring in Kansas we had resorted to this. This got me laughing.....
I mentioned that we were only inside because it was January and soon we would be outside planting our yard with all things nature. He looked at me funny and said, "Do you know how hot it gets here in the summer?" At which point I wanted to shoot him, for a multitude of reasons.

I refrained and instead suggested a game of cards. We are kind of competitive, in the winter we tend to start lists of who has won how many games. The game of choice is usually Rummy 500 and he used to beat me ..... badly. It bordered on abuse.
Seems he is either losing his edge or I am just pretty darn amazing. I will go with the second choice. Last night after he told me he was going to wipe the floor with me..... I manhandled him into a pile of male mush. Yeah, it was good and I enjoyed every minute of it. I even tried flicking cards like he does when he is winning. I hate it when he does that.
Bob is one in center with hand in air...looking mad:)
I am to the right, smiling.

So, after that debacle I said, "Now what? " Again, he was quite content to sit and watch the game. I know it sounds like I am a little kid that needs to be entertained, but I swear it just looks that way. 
He suggested buying a movie on our TV.  This was after the conversation of why exactly we have cable, since there is absolutely nothing on TV anyway. We concluded that the only reason is to watch the Big Ten Network and Espn... I have lost count how many channels we have of that. 
Seems like a lot of dough to watch Illini basketball season, but it does help January and February move along. 
The idea of spending another $5.00 for a movie seemed silly. Besides, do you ever recognize any of those movies? Anything with the name slasher in it I probably don't want to watch. 
The hubby picked up the clicker and started going through the list. He repeatedly told me to tell him when to stop on a choice. I glanced and nothing caught my eye. 
One bad movie option after another.
 He asked what one of them was and I told him it was one of those Christian movies made by that Georgia church, same as Fireproof... something like that. I think my exact words were, "You don't want to watch that, it will be cheesy and besides why do we need to see that?" Sort of like, "We are already Christians. What could we possibly learn?!" Humble, huh?
He agreed and next thing you know, he hits the wrong button and tells me ," Guess we just bought that movie." Are you kidding me?? 
You tell me it's my choice 16 times in the last minute and a half and then you push the wrong button? 
Courageous it was......
With the investment of $5.00, we decided to watch it.  About three hours later, lump in my throat, swallowed down hard and tears in my eyes about dried up... we looked at each other and smiled.  
It delivered a powerful message for families, especially men. I was blessed to have watched it... so was the hubby. (He told me.. not making it up). Below is the resolution the men made in the movie. It's pretty great.
Tonight we are going to see another movie.... at a Theater. I figured I would give him the night off from cards. 

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  1. Love the visual of throwing a beat down on that sweet Bob of yours!

    I have not seen the movie. Admittedly, the only way we would probably watch it would be the same way you stumbled across it. Yeah, we're perfect too. BUT, I continue to hear great things from a group of people I really like. Maybe we'll hit the wrong button sometime too (on our imaginary tv!)

    Love you


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