Jan 11, 2012

The Gift Of January

It's January 11th, almost half way through the first month of the new year. The beginning of the month almost fooled me. The weather was lovely, I was surrounded with people close to my heart, things were cozy and comfortable.
Life can trick you into a mid winter coma if you don't watch out.

Today, winter has arrived and shaken me out of my sleep. The wind is picking up, the shimmering blue sky of yesterday has been replaced by dark clouds. Snow seems to be on the horizon.
Today I was reminded to focus on my passion, my purpose, and gifts that God has called me to use. 

I sat in a women's study this morning and God called me back to Him. He hadn't gone away but I had become tired. The loss of my dad hovers over me, constantly tempting me to retreat. A feeling I still struggle to find words for and mostly keep covered. 
It's hard to find words to write, to encourage, when a part of you is numb.
God, in all his mercy, knew where I needed to be today. He used His scripture to set my soul on fire.... or reignite it.

I also miss my community of believers, women who nurture and encourage me. Who push me and challenge me. 
No one knows me here in my new community. No one understands my heart, my past, my struggles, my dreams....
 who I am.

Yet, God blessed me to be in the presence of these women today. We share a bond of sisterhood, even though they do not know me... yet.

It's easy to lose focus when you have been moved, life disrupted, the pains of change swirling around you like a cold January wind.... stealing your breath.
Yet, God's calling for us, His mission for us, has not changed. 
God knows me, He knows my heart, my past, 
my struggles, my dreams. 
He knows who I am. 
I am His.

He reminds me of this everyday, but some days I am not listening.

The study was talking about spiritual gifts and the inheritance we have in Christ Jesus. Each woman in that room has gifts. 
Some do not know it and some may spend their life searching, never recognizing you must move in order to find your gifts. 
You must search and take chances.

Others know their spiritual gifts and are generously sharing them.
Our gifts are not for ourselves.
We do not benefit, others do.

  Our gifts are special because they are ordained by the Holy Spirit...  God. He has gifted each of us, in many ways. 
When we use our gifts, others receive the blessing and God receives the glory.
Never being prideful about our gifts, but humble, knowing these gifts have nothing to do with us. They are for the good of the kingdom.

Today the speaker said, "There is no amount of carnality that can compare to the feeling of finding and using your gifts."

We can waste our life on trivial stuff, checking off our to do list of the day and year. Filling up our bucket list on fun, thrilling things. 
Nothing will compare with the feeling and blessing of being used in ways that God has created you for.

Do you recognize some of your spiritual gifts? Are you using them for God's glory? If not, pray and ask God to reveal to you the things He longs for you to know today. 

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  1. Dale, Thank You Sweetheart... Going Through a difficult time, but you always bring hope,faith, love and compassion to my life and my soul. I truly believe God sent you to me,I really do! You are an Angel, of strength, mercy, love and devotion. I thank God your in my life! <3


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