Jan 5, 2012

On A Lighter Note...... The Weimeraner Diet

Let me introduce you to the Weimeraner diet.
See below the Weimeraner.
A squirrelly character, they actually love squirrels, but I digress. I mean squirrelly in a way that one would describe a person.... of questionable character.
A puppy that looks at you, knowing full well the difference between right and wrong. Understanding fully that she only dreads being found out, not actually participating in the deed. She is a mischievous thing, sneaky is her middle name.

Today, I want to talk about the Weimeraner diet. 
This diet is one that I believe might just cure the obesity problem in our country. 
Knee and hip replacements, diabetes.. all but forgotten. Being run over by motorized scooters in the grocery store, long lines at the buffet, general crankiness..... a thing of the past. Something to tell the grandkids about.

It's as simple as this.
You may have 2 bowls of anything you choose, every day.
We are talking soup bowl sizes here, not mixing bowls proportions.
But, you can put anything in it you want.
You want to fill it with pancakes, bacon and syrup for breakfast, go right on ahead.
For dinner, maybe some Ben and Jerry's chocolate ridiculousness... go for it.

One more thing, you must act like a Weimeraner.
You will need to run in circles, jump in the air at random, sometimes invisible things. A little bark now and then, a jump onto a friend, showing your love and excitement to see them.
You will chase some squirrels, and follow your friend around most of the day, sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. This last exercise may come easy to you. Ask your friend. 

The good news. Have you seen the legs and hind quarters on a Weimeraner? I am talking runway model looks here. You will be strutting your stuff in no time
Oh, and more good news. When you don't have your nose stuck in a bowl or.... you know.... you get to sleep.
I'm thinking about it.

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