Jan 27, 2012

What's Your Written Down Reason For Being?

A throwback from last year...... but still begging to be asked.

What's your written down reason for being?

0911_Mug_050 by Dawn Camp
Mug by Dawn Camp 

Sharing with my small group last night I asked if they had ever written out a 
purpose statement for their life. 
II have heard it described as "your written down reason for being."I

I am not talking Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief. I am talking why did God, the creator of the heavens and earth place you here, calling you His own.
How do you know which road to take, when to say yes and more importantly when to say no?
I read a post this morning about a wife,mom,lover of Christ who travels the world with her husband and little ones. She has moved too many times to count( over 30) to locations, some I can't find on a map or pronounce. She understands her call and knows her purpose. If she didn't understand her calling how would she have moved her feet of clay into the land of giants? If you do not have a vision of what God has called you too how do you find your way in this world of a thousand choices and desires that leave us breathless in our pursuit of them? Many times we don't know what we are running after. We just know everyone else is running so.....

You might live a nice life but it may not be Gods life for you? 

Do we believe that? Do we think He has a best for us? A life where we "get to" serve him and minister to his people? Love God, Love people.

Is our calling about collecting as much stuff as we can or giving away as much as we can? What do we persue? What is our purpose?
And how does one live their life without ever asking that question?

What are you passionate about?
What Bible passages has God brought to life for you?
How has God used you in the past?
What are your gifts and strengths?

The life of a follower of Christ is the most exciting life there is. Everyday is a day to say, 
" Bless me indeed today Lord! Increase my territories and may your hand be upon me. Keep me from evil that I may not cause pain."
The prayer of Jabez 1 Chronicles 4:10

One of my sweet girls gave me the name shepherd last night. How beautiful to think that God has prepared me in all my flawed ways to be a shepherd to these young women that I love. These women who are on their way and already leaders. They will be shaken up at times. If they know their purpose, their roots will be strong and they will stand firm, strengthened by the one whom they have built their foundation on.

God, in your grace and love you chose us to glorify you through our lives. You give us all that we need to have joy, new each morning. You heal our wounds, you forgive us our shallow, selfish ways. You wait with open arms, calling us your children. You love us without end and without ceasing. May we see you today in your people and meet them where they are. Amen

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