Jun 12, 2012

Contentment... A Bitter Pill To Swallow... Wednesday Rewind

This is a Wednesday rewind... I need to read it again.
Maybe you do too.

 "A contented person has learned to accept the bitter with the sweet."

Contentment is a word I've struggled with my whole life.
It seems whatever is on the other side of that green pasture, it must be better. Richer, lovelier and calling out to me.
Just gotta hop that fence, even though it may be 9 feet high and strung with barbed wire.

  Contentment visits me through work. A project, a task. Something I can dig into and watch grow.
It makes me feel worthwhile............... for awhile.  

The act of doing, the exhaustion of finishing a project is contentment.
But there's the rub.... the finishing.... Then what?

At the moment, physical work, creating, accomplishing, but I sense it coming to an end. I am about done. 
Time to wrap this project up and move along....
What lies on the other side of finished?

Where do I look for my next "contentment high?"

I see the flaw in my thinking. 
You can cover stuff in busy for only so long.
True contentment is not being busy.
I know my value is greater than my next project. 
Ah, now I understand the familiar saying,
"That can be a bitter pill to swallow,"
I am choking on it.

Contentment doesn't need a cover. It is your cover.

"A contented person has learned to accept the bitter with the sweet."

don't know
who said that...
but I'll be first in line to buy it.

The sweet...
 in the known, familiar, comfortable, joyous moments  of life.
That's easy, though sometimes overlooked, and maybe taken for granted.

The Bitter...
in the uprooting, unfamiliar and change of life.
It's not so easy and sometimes hard to swallow.

we wait, trust... we might grow.
Opportunity slides in, usually surprising us. Smiling upon us, warming us and giving life to where we had gone dormant. It reminds us of our worth, our gifts to share
Bitter can become better, but it may be a dark road that leads us there.

2 Corinthians 12:9 is a clear reminder to me.
"My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness."

Can't get much clearer than that.
I will always be weak, embrace it shall I?
Will I let Him, my Father use my weakness and what might seem bitter,
 to use me... for His glory?

What else am I here for?
I am going to play to my strength on this one.. and He is it.
 He is my strength in my weakness. He is my guide in the dark. He is my Warrior when I fear. He always protects me and never leaves me.... never.

That's the contentment I seek. 
HE is my cover.


  1. Great stuff. I always want what I don't have. I need to be content with Chick-fil-A Mon - Sat.

    1. Agh, no kidding... and my town has one, a quick mile down the street. Glad to hear you are willing to take Sunday off... oh, they are closed aren't they? Thanks Rob


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