Jun 20, 2012

Its A Balancing Act...

There is a Health Spa near my home. I walk by it most days with my pup. You can't see in the beautiful, darkened windows... seeming to keep the beautiful in and the "not so beautiful" out.
The vast windows look out over a lake and waterfall, providing a peaceful environment to all entering it's doors.  
This place has healing in it's name. In name only.  It also has water
I won't divulge it's name altogether, in order... but you get the idea.
I visited this lovely place one time, 
for a pedicure.
 It was a splurge and I justified it as I was new in town and should familiarize myself with my community.
It was fine, but I felt under-pampered, had overpaid and not enough when I left.

 Nevertheless, this Health Spa is lovely to look at. The music and fragrance draw you in. You might believe you will come out looking svelte in silk slacks, matching top, scarf, and designer sunglasses adorning your ultra firm face. 
That's how they look in the pictures on the walls.
I felt like a dork dressed in kaki shorts and solid top. 
I knew I should have worn my Target scarf.

This Sunday they are offering a Finding Balance Clinic.
Hmm, if I can go in there and get me some of that balance Ima gonna be a happy girl.
Lord knows balance has been an issue this past year..... or so.

I laughed a little.
I don't think they have the balance one needs in life, but I know where you can get some and Sunday is a great time to seek.
There is also Living Water that will heal you .. for a lifetime. No follow up appointments needed.

I am reading a book, with some new friends called, Living A Life Of Balance.
It offers a balance based on spiritual guidelines. Faith, contentment, needs, wants, work, responsibilities, interruptions, obedience, our longings, and God's will.
Wow, glad I don't have to figure this out by myself. 
God has long provided women in my life who come alongside and encourage me. 

We need balance and it's much easier found together. 
Forget the spa, go to the source... The Living Water, God Himself.
Only God can provide the balance we so desperately need. 

His word is Living Water and Food to our thirsty souls. 
Make sure you are finding your balance in Him and not a trendy but temporary fake. 

I would love you to hold my hand and help me when I get wobbly. I will do the same for you.
Where do you struggle with balance?

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