Jul 19, 2012

Closer To The Truth

Reading Empty Promises by Pete Wilson and learning Truth.

          Solitude and silence are important in this life of faith.
But, we don't usually like it.
God has placed me in solitude.
I desired it and then I didn't. 
I resisted.
It hurts to go deeper. You learn things about yourself.
You find you are still as immature as the day you chose Christ.
You see weaknesses an inconsistencies.
It's ugly and hard.
You want to quit.

But... when Truth lives in you, you fight on... towards the Son.
God places a desire to be different, changed, closer to Truth...
It's that mustard seed of faith that pushes us on. 

Dallas Willard said, "Silence is frightening because it strips us as nothing else does, throwing us upon the stark realities of our life. It reminds us of death, which will cut us off from this world and leave only us and God. And in that quiet, what if there turns out to be very little to us and God?"

Spoken this way, What if there turns out to be very little between me and God?

How will we know unless we seek solitude?
So I seek it ... and sometimes it is a slow process, 
or maybe it's just right but 
I have been deceived by 
this white box I type into.
 It has become my food supply, blood and oxygen supply.
But there is no Truth in it.
It's too self centered, needing instant gratification.
Solitude will bring me back to truth.

Only when I find solitude can God show me the idols in my life.
The self deception I fall into.
Me, me, I, I, I

Proverbs 14:12
"There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death."

That is a clear picture of deception friends and I don't want to be on that path.
I am thankful, grateful, joyful even that God has brought this time of solitude into my life.
May I recognize it for what it is, a gift... an opportunity.
Today, tomorrow, I will chose to follow or walk away.
Oh, I pray I would follow Him and add Truth to my life each day.

I pray the same for you. You may not have the opportunity of forced solitude.
I pray you will create moments of it through your day.

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