Nov 7, 2012

Thankful For The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, I mean Plants... Among Other Things.

I am beyond thankful for girlfriends... really I am.
 And the stuff they bring me. 
The pillow above is from a sweet friend. She gave it to me last week, along with a birthday cake that said, "Happy Birthday Dorothy" 
Yes, I live near Oz...
Yes, I get teased about this... a lot.

A friend recently visited and delivered a bag of the most delicious apples from back home. 
What a treat. 
Funny how they never tasted that sweet when I lived there.

Then there was the friend who brought me a gorgeous desert type of plant with huge, luscious green leaves.
I am still amazed at it's beauty as this friend has about the blackest thumb I've ever seen. 
She can kill plastic daisies in two and a half days. 
Not even lying.

Then there was the lipstick plant delivery.
Have you ever heard of lipstick plants? I think they are an old fashioned plant. The kind grandma would have had in her kitchen window.
A friend and her sister came to my house.. mind you I wasn't home. 
They were headed to Austin, Texas for a yee ha of a good time. 
One of the fanciest, shmanciest flee markets in the country. 
The kind you put heels on for....what?!

They wanted to take me with them, but I was away.  
Thank the Lord.
When I arrived home there was this sweet plant with leaves that look like lips. 
It was in a darling red tea kettle and it's about the darn cutest thing.
When I told my friend how much I liked it she said it was from her sister.
 Her sister from Iowa... to be exact.
Have you ever met anyone from Iowa?
They talk about their state like it was Hawaii...
Not even lying...
Last time I checked, there was no ocean, mountains, or anything remotely scenic.
Its flat, cold, hot, has strange voting patterns, and people always talk about going down the blacktop. 
No idea, just repeating what I hear.

Each day my friends sister put on a new tee shirt with a word or two.
First day was IOWA. 
Day two, I'm Kinda A Big Deal In Iowa. 
Day three, Made In Iowa (with an American flag background)
You get the idea.

Not me, no free advertising here. 
If I do, its gonna look like this.
Yup, that's how I roll.

Back to friends...
I also found a yummy frozen pizza in my freezer from that trip.
Not just any frozen pizza, but the kind from back home that charge $139.00 to ship. 
Not even lying.... 
Wish she had left me a check for $139.00 in my freezer instead of that darn pizza.

That friend also set off my alarm when she came into my empty house. Then proceeded to call me, in a frantic state while I was on the phone with the alarm company telling them to call off the Police.
I also found empty wine bottles in my kitchen. What the heck.. did they invite the neighbors for a party?
Then she forgot to reset my alarm when she left.
I am only sorry I missed them...
Not even lying... 

I just wanted to remind myself today of a few wonderful friends and the blessings they give, wanted or not.
Girlfriends... can't live with em, can't live without em.

I really love all my girlfriends, especially the crazy ones.
Not even lying.

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