Dec 18, 2012

One Day At A Time...

 Perhaps today we need to think on this... One day at a time. 
Rest in this moment, not trying to figure out why. 
We will not understand why. 
Don't push your feelings aside, because they make you uncomfortable, raw, sick to your stomach.
These little ones deserve the moments... we feel,
the twisting, shredding of our hearts.
Seek truth and peace... in time. 
In Him.
Cry with those who cry. 
Mourn with those who mourn their losses today.
Hug those who hurt, who have been torn apart, left with empty arms, empty rooms, of little ones who will not laugh and spin and dance. Who will not open gifts that are wrapped and hidden, to be placed under the tree Christmas Eve.

There will be things in this life we do not understand. Tragedy, death, violence.
We are not meant to understand it all.
Through Adam and Eve sin entered Eden.
A choice was made by man. To go his own way, ignoring God's better way.
A brother would kill his own brother.
A mother mourned the loss of a son... by her son.
 Joy was taken from our world.
Evil replaced it.
Years later, God would send his one and only Son, Jesus our Redeemer.
He would bring back joy... in the midst of our suffering and pain. 
His birth, death and resurrection giving us freedom from evil.

When the dancing of little feet become silent on the floors of our home, they begin on the floors of heaven, where they tap, twirl and delight in His presence. They are welcomed into the arms of their Heavenly Father in a joyous celebration.

We mourn, oh how can we not mourn! Precious ones, given to us to love, protect, nurture and grow.
It is too hard...
So let us take this...
One day at a time, abiding in God.
Lord, bring us healing for our broken hearts.
Cover these parents in the shelter of Your Arms.
Heal their souls and spirits and may they seek Your Face each day.
Be real to them in ways they have not seen You before.
One day at a time.


  1. God weeps for them. Life is often so hard. Looking forward to the day that God wipes the tears from our faces and says, "I know it was hard. I know you we're scared. I know you were hurt. But, child, I am so glad that you are home."

    1. God wiping away our tears... Wow, can we even imagine what that will be like?! That will be home...thanks Margo.


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