Apr 3, 2013

Moses, GPS And My IPhone...

My Iphone is a constant reminder of truth for me. 
It's weird, but it happens often.
Siri, you don't understand much, but God... He speaks even when I haven't asked Him a question.

This morning I was responding to a sweet person in my life. 
She texted me, "I really needed that!" 
I had sent her a word, one word of encouragement. 
The word was P R A Y.
I responded... or tried to respond, "God told me." 
What came up on my screen was, "GPS told me."
I caught it in time, but the message was not lost on me. 

Many times I follow my GPS which, truth be told, should be called, DPS... for Dale's Plan of Success.
It has no resemblance to God's plan for Dale.

This almost message of "GPS" was a quick reminder to me, to look up and not inward.
 To keep it real, as I shared with you in the past... when my spell check constantly corrected my name to fake instead of Dale. 
Yes, some of this may be due to my mad typing skills, but I believe it's a picture of God using my inadequacies and quirks to remind me of Him. 
I've been repeating this mistake longer than Moses in the dessert. 
 Get the picture? 

When you make your plans, remember this... "Make your plans in pencil, and give God the eraser."

His ways are better than anything we could hope, dream, imagine.
What are your plans today and have you asked God about them?

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