May 29, 2013


I've been quiet here.
Waiting. Thinking. Praying.
Praying some more.
Some days I draw near... and yet it's hard to see His face.
God's face.
I wait.
I know He is calling me to be still.
Calling me to trust.
The hard part, where the knife scrapes against the grain.
Forcing me to look deep in the mirror. To search my heart.
To trust something other than my ideas, my thoughts, my desires.

To know that He, the God of creation loves me...
To let God, be God of my life.
To trust in His boundless love. His eternal desire for me to know Him... more than anything I can do for him, pray to Him, work for Him... but simply, to know He. LOVES. Me.

A daily call to rest in Him... and wait.
Maybe this is His plan for us everyday.
Different than my plan... if I were God.

I am glad I am not God, of my life.
I trust and seek His face.
His truths run deep in my heart, I can only trust... Him,
being vulnerable, without becoming paralyzed.
A small word, that grows deep in my heart... the years proving this truth. 
The lover of my soul.
The. Lover. Of. My. Soul.



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