May 7, 2013

The Mother Of All Days.... It's Coming.

 Listen you Mothers...
I have something to say.
The day is fast approaching,
when you desire
to hear your loved ones say,
"You da bomb, you da best, you are so much better than the rest."
 Rah, rah, rah...
and all that.

Well, it may not happen that way, and I don't want you to 
be caught off guard.
The day of cards and candy, flowers and buffets,
holds some tricks along the way.
 When we sign up to become a mom, it takes many forms.
Some joyful, others bringing storms.
We know we are more than a day, but we've bought a line 
from a store...
an envelope holding a card,
that tells us who we are.

Wait... what?!

So, my thought is this...
take the day in stride,
and don't let your heart be hurt.
Some have the gift of giving...
others, have no idea where to start.

I think of my girl, who called her dad and brother her first year away, to make sure there would be no tears...
on her mama's Mothers Day.
She was sure they would forget.

I missed my girl that year...
but the truth grew in my heart.
It's the hours and moments we share,
that can never be contained in a card.

I told my mom she is fabulous in the card I sent her this year.
She told me how much that meant to her.
She is fabulous, and deserves to hear those words...
more than once a year. 
I used to get my feelings hurt and remember 
a certain year...
my husband had a meeting on my birthday.
 Candor was not my strong point.
I was hurt, and let him know.
He left, I pouted.
No... I am not proud.

Fifteen minutes later he walked in the door,
two cakes in hand.
He had gone to the bakery and begged off his meeting.
He called the neighbors and a party began.
I was sheepish I had behaved that way.
I have not forgotten that day... both the kindness of my husband and the selfishness of my ways.

Celebrate those you love, the mothers who are yours and the ones you just adore.
The ones you mother alongside and the ones you watch afar.

 If your boy forgets a card... no worries.
Think of the times he sends a text, just checking in to say, he loves his momma and knows he's blessed.
If the husband seems distracted, hug him hard around the neck. Tell him that you love him and glad to be together in this mess.

Celebrate each day...
the love and family that we are...
and pat ourselves on the back,
because they are awesome..
and we cheer.

You could post this somewhere they might see it...
and your Mothers Day may be complete.

Good luck with that.

Happy Mothers Day...
 all you amazing, beautiful, fantastic women!!!

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