Jun 24, 2013

Happy Monday... All My Fountains, Chris Tomlin

Yesterday we sang this in church... it was beautiful, reverent and soul searching, for me.
The words touched deep,
 "Come Living Water, all my fountains are in You... strong like a river, Your Love is running through all my fountains, are in You.
Rain down us, rain down on us, Lord.
Open the heavens, Come Living Water... all my fountains are in You."

I need His Living Water each morning... if I am to live fully, breathe deeply, inhaling Him, and exhaling Him... in love, truth, grace.

Christ is the Living Water.
He refreshes me each morning,
filling me with Truth that points, reminds, and surrounds me with His love.

I hope you have this Living Water to start your Monday.
It's free.
It's alive.
It's eternal.
Quench your thirst in the Living Water today.

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