Jul 31, 2013

What's Love Got To Do With It?

 My mind is full, but far from satisfied.
I am thinking of all that I have, all that the world is telling me I should want and how I shake my head in agreement some days.
I know better, but sometimes it's like a pacifier for real satisfaction.
Do you know the feeling?
I am finishing a study of James... if you can ever finish James. 
Oh, how Jesus half brother draws me in, whispering deep truths to my godless ears. 
He has reminded me of my hearts deep discontent.
I dig deeper and find the true love my heart wishes and longs for...
one that the world does not afford. 
How will I live my days.. this vapor?
For wealth of filthy paper or with my eyes on
The One who knew me before I was born?
James.. wise follower of Yahweh.
You tell me to seek wisdom from above, consider it joy when trouble comes.
 Be slow to anger, quick to listen... slower to speak.
Do not just listen to God's word, but obey it.
Do not show favoritism, as God does not.
Be merciful to all, actively engaging where there are needs. 
Recognize the tongue is wicked.
Do not judge your brother.
Do not indulge in all the worlds earthly pleasures.
Be patient with each other. 
Pray without ceasing.
Our faith must be active.... there will be works involved.
If you are wealthy.....
we best live with hands wide open or we will be judged harshly.
 I think He is serious about this. 
 James 1:4
"And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.
The word emerge was spoken by a pastor when he read this verse.
It's time to emerge when we have been perfected and completed.
What you say, that will never happen... this side of heaven.
Might want to check His word.
God says we are ready, lacking nothing.
God is waiting to use us, in all our humanness to shine a light on the dark paths of this world.
Using the above verses, we have a clear way to go forward in love.
I feel overwhelmed.
Overwhelmed with the decisions I make. 
They matter as they will affect people I help or choose to ignore. 
Resources I have to show love, lift up and engage.
Or to waste...
What I live is what I really believe.
  That's what loves got to do with it.
How will I live today?
How will you?

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