Sep 18, 2013

"Living Disney Movies In Our Minds, And Tragedies In Our Lives."

I'm Still thinking about this post....
The meaning of our lives.
Where do you find it?

A blog went viral recently... a man writing of not (really) loving his wife the day he married her.
 He goes by PopChassid, calls himself a Jew, trying to make the world a better place. 
Yes, we need more of you.

My favorite line was penned at the end.
He came to realize that love is not an emotion or a noun, but a verb.
He shared what he fears most of us do, in this short life we have been given.
He said we are,
  "Living Disney movies in our minds, and tragedies in our lives."

Straight up one of the best lines I have ever read.

 I thought of Donald Miller's talk recently at a University. 
 He talked of the life we choose to live.
If we are to have a life worthy of something more than our sheer entertainment and fun, there will be suffering, conflict, stress.

Through suffering our character changes. 

The tough stuff in life changes us, builds us, grows our roots deeper.
We are not born with mature character. 
Look at a child, their desire for their own way. A temper tantrum, a cry fest, self absorbed little ones, not giving a care to a mamas need for rest.
As the child grows, a parent's role is to guide them, directing them in ways that build character.

The same with our Heavenly Father.
 He did not create us for the fun factor.
We are not here to be entertained.
 He guides us in wisdom... His.
If we accept it...

The problem is we would rather be in a Disney movie, believing every scene where boy gets girl. Life will be sweet... end of story.
We are entitled... so when life goes off kilter, someone gets sick, or heaven forbid... fat, the promotion passes us by, we don't get the big house... we call foul.
 Sometimes we quit on our co-star in the movie.

Some of us remain the small child wanting his own way, many years removed from diapers and bottles.
We haven't matured.
We haven't learned the hard lessons.
Perhaps our parents are at fault.
They never let us fail.
They saved us, every time.
Character does not grow there.

What gives our life meaning?
Is it a job that makes a difference?
Helping another human being achieve their goals?
Looking back at our journey, seeing the hand of God weave through our days?
Is it gratitude for all that we have, a healthy mind, body, friends, family?
 as Viktor Frankl said,
 "When man cannot find meaning he distracts himself with pleasure."

Pleasure is lovely and has a healthy place in our lives.
It's when we give ourselves over to it...
the pursuit of pleasure... instead of God
that we go off track.

We buy into the Disney movie, and our lives become a tragedy.

 "The days may be long... but the years are short."
Don't live a tragedy or an animated movie.
Live the life you were created for.
One full of meaning and gratitude.

What gives your life meaning?

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