Dec 5, 2013

What's In Your Bucket List Of Books?

We make bucket lists. Some silly, crazy awesome, others serious things we want to accomplish before we... die. 
Some of us might think of it as, before we truly live. 

The hope of the Christian is eternal life with God. 
Words that hold more meaning than all the bucket lists in the world.... to overflowing and beyond.
Think infinity times infinity.

Recently I saw a bucket list of books.
Books that you should read before you die.
The list was filled with classics and well known authors.
 I made note of some, others did not excite me. 
I get lost sometimes, struggling for the words to come to life in my mind.

As I read through the list I looked for the one book. Not the oldest book in the world, but the one that holds the most Truth.
The book, the scroll that began with Moses penning those first five books, called the Torah. 

The Bible. 
The first book printed thanks to Johannes Gutenberg. The number one best seller of all time. 
But does that equal number one most read book?

My husband tells the story of his days at Rutgers. 
An English Literature class. 
The professor asked the five hundred students in the lecture hall how many had read the Bible, old or new testament. 
Five people raised their hands. 
My husband was not one of them.
The Professor asked how many had read the Bible cover to cover. 
One hand went up. 

The professor admonished his audience, for ignoring the most famous book in our history. 
The book that has molded western civilization.
As our country was formed the source most cited by our founding fathers was the Bible. 

And yet, this class of readers, intellectuals, sponges, had not bothered to discern the mystery this book held.

The professor was not a Christian. He was not evangelizing or proselytizing. 
He was simply pointing out the obvious.

We seek best sellers, love stories, witty humor... pages that cause our fingers to cramp from holding as we hungrily digest the words.

Yet we forget the beautiful love story, thriller, poetry, ever written... inspired by the Creator of the World.
 Did you know you can read pages in the Bible where it is God's voice, Jesus words?

That is mystery... this love story written to us.

Oh man, do not doubt the wisdom of God. 
Do not be the folly described in His word.

Read Corinthians chapter One... It is a wake up call to man's wisdom, which is full of pride, sin and deceit. 

Read Proverbs 1:7, "Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline."

It is not fear in the sense of being scared. It is being in awe, wonder, amazement of who He is.

If you have a bucket list of books, I hope it is filled with wisdom.
I hope you have saved room at the top for the one book that will remind you, we really don't need that bucket list.
We have eternity with the God who created us. 
His bucket list is eternal. 
To infinity and beyond.

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