Feb 4, 2014

Don't drink the juice young ones... I Believe In You.

 Pitbull, Ke$ha 'Timber' Lyric Video(Photo : YouTube)

 Yesterday I watched Juan Pablo act on physical desire, willingly, then turn it around and make the girl cry.
He took and then took back, unfair and cruel. He seems like a nice guy, but this was wrong. 
He shamed a girl for offering him something, that I believe he ultimately took, because his base desire wanted it.
Later he told her he was embarrassed because his daughter would see this. 
In reality, his daughter will see much worse.
 Her dad acted on what he wanted at the moment and then shamed the woman and blamed her. 
Do I respect the girl for her actions? 
But she is fighting for the ultimate victory and she believes sex is the answer. 
After all, it's worked for thousands of years. Why not now?

The other Juan wants Nurse Nicky... she represents the good mom for his little girl. The age old dilemma of man.
 He wants the sexy vixen and also the good mama. 
I watched as the other girls continue to vie for his attention, doubting their worth, even wondering why they are there.
 Ultimately they are fighting for the attention of one male.
The prize. 
Exactly as God created us to be.

Last week I watched the Grammys. The woman who sends a confusing message to women today.  She did this with her husband. It was a team effort.
The couple that has opportunity to show women their true value, but instead continue to profit from sex. 
Those of us in healthy marriages recognize true intimacy is probably best left off the table... and stage for all to watch and hear.
All I am saying is.... Don't sell marriage as a bleeped out thrill.
Just as God created marriage. 

I watched 
The girl I just bought a ticket for, seemingly singing about satanic worship. 
Yay. Just as God...
You get it.
I prefer her when she Roars.

Last night I read the blog of a favorite author, sharing why he doesn't go to church anymore... at least on a regular basis. 
He doesn't get anything out of it, he says.
He worships through his work.

The comments to his post are long and heartfelt. 
Most encourage him to look deeper, to see how we need one other, to come together to worship, not looking for what we get out of it. 
He takes the comments as assaults and shame. 
I do not see that.
There are long lasting benefits of communal worship.
Without it we become polarized, without accountability, community. We lack growth.
God calls us to community.

I am reading a book about being a feminist as a Christian women. The author, deeply committed to Christ.
Her words are meaningful, laced with grace.
No anger, only searching for the things of God. 
I think of my husband's words regarding Christ and women.
He reminds me...
 Jesus came, bringing a respect and love for women that was shocking and confusing to the time. 
He saw the value in Mary sitting at his feet, learning among men. 
This was never done.
 He did not tell her to go with Martha into the kitchen. 
He said,"Mary has chosen better." 
Jesus, the Son of God... His words.
Does He value His daughters. Oh yes. 
No worries dear women, He sees us as more precious than rubies and gold. 

It was a woman that first witnessed Christ raised from the dead. 
She announced it to the world.
Here is our clue to our value ladies.

 These are some of the authors, singers, entertainers that seek the attention of twenty somethings. And what do these young ones think of the latest Coca Cola commercial, politics, human trafficking in Super Bowl proportions...
and how does twitter really make you feel?
It's exhausting, come on.  
And all those  # # #.
 It may only be 140 characters, but those ocean size articles hiding inside.

  There are lists of 13, 25 and 40 things to do, say, believe... before the age of, before you marry, instead of marrying, start dating, or stop dating.

Your life is like an Olympic juggling event...
 Visually exhausting, making an observer dizzy.
It's hard to watch.
Harder to participate in, I imagine.

But here is the thing.... twenty year old ladies (and up). 
I believe in you.
I trust you.
I respect you.

Guys too.
Listen up.

Continue to make your lists, read your books, your blogs, sing the songs of performers who have lost touch with reality and truth.
Have the discussions
Watch the reality many live. 
 Just don't drink the juice.
The juice that says it's all okay.
It's not.

Keep questioning. Keep asking. Keep searching. 
If you have a faith that runs deep to your soul, you will survive. 
You will come out shining as gold.
Seek the Truth instead of accepting another s beliefs.

When I was your age, some of us did not ask the questions. 
We lived for the moment, no matter consequences.
Those that survived, myself included... had the faith of a mustard seed.
That is a faith that runs deep... just not mature. 
It held fast, though it was small.
It survived the ravishes of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

It survived because God is faithful, not because I am good. 
It survived in spite of me.
It survived because God had more for me to do.
It survived because He wanted to use my voice, 
in grace, not judgement...
 because I had been there. Everywhere. 

He wants the same for you.
He will mold you to Him, through Drunk In Love, Dark Horse, and Timber.

He will show you true love is not women competing for Juan,
but more often looks like...
 nothing you would expect or have imagined.
It will not look like Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers... sorry.

It will look like beauty, and garbage, feel like pain and glory. 
Many days you will shake your head. 
Some days in overwhelming gratitude, others in disbelief of your mates ideas, ideals and stupidity.
Guess what?
They will feel the same way about you.
But at the end of the day it's okay. True love is funny like that.
You learn to laugh... especially in the mirror.

Whatever the path before you....
educations, professions, relationships,
hold on to that mustard seed of faith.
Don't make that decision, believe that thought.... until you hear from 

And then.... take those beliefs, that are rooted in real Truth and share them.
Be women and men who respect, honor and value one another.
Put God first. 
It's that simple.
Ask Him to show you the Way, the Truth and the Life.

I believe in you.

Now you can holler TIMBER!

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