Jun 13, 2014

Your Blessing Indeed Today...


 Lord, this morning I ask Your blessing indeed. 
As Jabez cried out to you in 1 Chronicles, "Oh that You would bless me and enlarge my territories. Let Your hand be upon me that You would keep me from harm so that I would be free from trouble and pain."

God, today may your face overshadow mine, that I would see a hint of Your glory.
A hint of Your glory shines so brightly that all I see is You.
Bless me through the twists and turns of this day. 
The joys and sorrows...
may I remember that
 You are a God of purpose. 
A God of mercy. 
My Rock and my Redeemer.
My Companion on the mountaintop as well as the ravine.
You are my mighty Warrior, yet gentle with me as a newborn lamb.
You are my Great Physician...
 the Lover of my soul.

My hope lies in You.
No one else can take Your place.
Only You can take my burdened heart, my broken places, my fears, 
my loss... and pour Your Holy Spirit into them,
into me.
Fill me with Your Spirit today Lord.
Fill me till I overflow
with You.
May the joy of You, my salvation
be evident to those you bring alongside me today.

Surely You are Good, Gracious, never ending in Love.

Thank you merciful God for Your blessing indeed today.


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