Aug 15, 2014

4 QUESTIONS..... What Will You Do?

One  of my favorite posts... short and sweet with tough decisions.

You have 4 blank cards in front of you. You are holding a pen. Write down what matters most to you, what is important to you... in this world.

Write down a choice on each card.
You have 4 cards.... no more, no less.

You are the only person who will know what each card says.

Be honest.
Don't cheat.... don't read ahead.


There is a crisis in your life. You have to give one card away.....give it up. Which card will it be? 
Fold it up, tear it up... it is gone.

You have three cards left. 

You have to make a choice.... again. You must give up something very important to you. 
Choose one of the cards.
Throw it away, tear it up, your is gone forever.


Do not QUIT..... this is not a game. This is real.

You have two cards left.....
You have been robbed of something precious to you......

Which card will you choose?

Throw it away.
What do you have left in your hand?

I hope it is something that will last.... forever.

Did you hang on to your health, your family, child, husband..... your flat screen, your job?
None of those will last...... not even your family. 

God has His people, your people, in the palm of His hand. They are NOT your job.

Did you hang on to your faith? 
Not your religion... but your trust in Jesus?

That is the only thing that will last..... for eternity.

There is good news..... you can write new cards and choose differently, as long as you have breath to call on His name.

Think about your choices.

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