Dec 3, 2014

The Surprise Of Advent Every Year...

The calendar is calling me to Advent. My heart is longing for it and I am wishing there was more time, to prepare my heart, to quiet my soul. 
The transition from people dropped at airports, turkey dropped in garbage disposals and sheets stripped from beds. 
Gifts thought and bought, to the reason for it all. 
Sometimes, no, every year, it's too much for me. The moments become cloudy and the noise and visitors take me away from my spiritual journey, from time with Him. 

I imagine I am not alone in this. Vacations do the same if I do not carefully carve out moments to be alone, in the dark... so I can see the light.

I missed the first sunday of Advent. I was in church. I just forgot to take it in. I was volunteering. I was entertaining. I was planning. I was consuming. I was tired. 
I am still tired this morning.

I do not attend a liturgical church. This has been true most of my life... and yet I believe Advent is found in the moments of the season, not a building with a cross.
I find it in the moments of reflection of who Christ is in my life. The people He brings into my life, the gifts of love, mercy, grace. I write these three words often... but they are breath to my lungs. I am nothing without love. Mercy. Grace.

I find it when I open the Word and read in
Isaiah 7:14
"Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel.
Scripture points to the coming Messiah in the old and new testament and yet we are taken by surprise each year. The wise men, shepherds, others... found the babe, lying in a manger and bowed down in worship. They traveled far so they could witness this manifestation of God with us.
yet each year
I am surprised by Advent...

I have The Book Of Wisdom to read throughout the year, to be ready, to make my heart still and prepared and yet I fail...
because of a 
and people,
 I claim to love.

The arrival of a notable person, thing, event.
A person, an event, like never before or ever again.
Were they ready for Him?
Are we?
Every year we watch the calendar, and yet we are surprised.

When will I stop being surprised by the Messiah? 
When will I be ready for His appearance, His birth, where He exchanged darkness for light?
I pray today we will stop and soak our dear Shepherd in. May we find Him right where we sit, walk, work and play... may we find Him nearer our soul and let Him in, where He longs to dwell.

Let us find Advent each day this month and may our only surprise be in the Glory of Who He is and that He loves us SO...
That is my heart prayer for you and me.

~ O Come, Let Us Adore Him ~

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