Feb 27, 2015

The Silver Lining in... Baking Cookies. Breaking Windows. East Nash Thugs. Growing Community.

Yesterday I was baking cookies for the hubs and nino, actually, seventy of ninos best friends. His track team, heading to Indoor Track Finals this weekend.
I was also preparing for my IF dinner, a monthly gathering of ladies who share a meal, talk Tinder to terrible two's to terminal things. Gosh if Tinder isn't terminal... Lord help us. 

I was listening to music that made my heart sing, talking to God, thanking Him for His provision. He is so good, my life so rich. In March it will be a year that we pulled up roots and hauled our worldly possessions and hearts to Nashville. I don't have to look far, literally across the street, to see people God has brought to my life that I care deeply about. 

Everyday I thank God for a husband who is spiritually, emotionally and physically strong, which allows me to fly free. He pushes me to find my sweet spot in God's kingdom and that is where I find contentment and purpose. He is watching me blossom here and he is my biggest fan. Without him, I could not do this. We are a team, though our teams play in different states most days. 

As I pondered this yesterday I was overcome with the joy in recognizing that sometimes it takes years to find your sweet spot. I thought my purpose was one thing and actually it was another. By letting God lead, instead of pushing through, I learn and prosper for Him. 

So, I am pondering these things in my heart and praising God when my phone goes off. 
It's the daughter.
Can I check her house? Alarm is going off.
Probably dogs she says.
Hmm.... it's not dogs, my spidey sense says.
Her house is 3 blocks away. I'm gone!
I fly over. 
I'm a detective. Checking the alley on my way. 
Open the door to house... slowly.
Tazer in hand.
Walk in sideways to alarm. 
Look around. See window. Broken.
Call 911.
Officer asks where I am.
He orders me out.
I tell him, It's fine, I'm fine. Start to give him a run down and tell him I have touched nothing.
Should I dust for prints?
He is now screaming in phone at me.
I tell him I have testified against a mob boss. As in, The Mob. He went bye bye for life. I'm still standing. I aint scared of no piece of crap thug. We are gonna have a chat about Jesus.
Okay... I did not say all of that to him, but it's all true. 

In 5 minutes I am surrounded by the most amazing police officers I've ever met. Nashville's finest, really are the finest, especially the East Precinct, mostly women. Amazing women. I recognize the lead officer. She says,"Hey we have to stop meeting like this." 
They dust for prints, we talk, I text the woman I mentioned earlier who lives across the street. It seems before I hit send, she has responded,"That's horrible, I'll send my guys over to board the window." I look at the officer and tell her how much I love this gal. Fabulous neighbors, friends who I can count on. God, you have blessed us so... silver lining moment. 

And my day was going so well...
but you know what?
It was still a good day.
Nothing terrible happened. We have things in place to scare off intruders. 
Life is risky.
If you don't want to take risks, don't get out of bed.
Side note... I did go home and make sure my bullets were where I thought they were. 

I'm so proud of these women that live in this home. They are strong and will be stronger for this. They will be wiser for this. 
I thank God for His provision. We had just installed an alarm two weeks ago that protected this event.  
God expects us to be diligent and have discernment. 
We do not live in fear. We live in knowledge and peace of the One who created us and loves us. 
I can only thank and praise Jesus for His provision yesterday and His peace this morning!

Thank you Jesus, our Provider and Protector. 


  1. LOOOVE this!!! Great storytelling skillz!!! PTL for His protection and your discernment!!! Seriously, thanks!!!!!

    1. Dana, Thank you sweet lady! Yes, we do praise Him for His protection!!! Big time. Thank you Jesus!! God provides!


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