Aug 19, 2010

Here I am....all of me

I love that song, "Here I am , all of me. Take my life, let it be consecrated all to thee." That is what i desire to be to my Lord. I want to live that way.

15 yrs ago almost to the day, we moved from the east coast to the midwest. The land of corn, the land of the children of the corn as far as i was concerned. It was strange, weird and the people were, well, just too nice. :)

We arrived with a 2 yr old and a 6 yr old. Wow, now we have a junior in college and a senior in high school( as of tomorrow). Where has it gone?  Yes,  it does fly by.  i have enjoyed every stage of it and everyday has been a joy(almost).
God has blessed us with some wonderful friends here, a few disappointments in that area as well. Hopefully we learn to forgive and love unconditionally.

God has shown me so much while here in Champaign. He has taught me to trust him with all things and that he as a wonderful, glorious plan for my life as well as my loved ones. He has provided Godly people to walk by me, to hold me accountable and to pick me up when i fall down.

He has opened doors so i could learn more about him and his glory. He has provided leadership roles for me because i was obedient to say yes when asked to do something out of my comfort zone. God is always faithful, isn't he.

Obedience seems to be an important word in this faith journey. If we are obedient to him, we get the blessing. He rewards us because we show our love and faith in him by our obedience. We learn to trust him. In this world where people let us down all the time, God is faithful. We can trust him in ALL things ALL the time.

A quote i have clung to goes like this. " I do not fear failure, but what i do fear is success at things that do not matter".

I want to do the things that matter for eternity. I have tried to say yes to Gods best for me. Where does he want me to serve, to be successful ,so I may bring him glory.
After all, as a believer my number one goal is TO BRING GOD GLORY....every day and in all things.

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