Aug 18, 2010

sitting in the oral surgeons office

Yesterday i took my strapping, healthy 17 yr old son to the oral surgeon to have his 4 wisdom teeth removed.  We were the only ones in the office.  Hmm a few minutes of peace and quiet perhaps.

Soon to arrive were three sets of the older generation, the korean war men and their better halves. The best generation according to Tom B.  Some came in quietly, patiently waiting to be helped. Others came in telling jokes and being as corny as my father in law( trust me, he's corny).
One sweet lady was remarking on how her children keep moving her to different nursing homes. She was having trouble remembering her address. Can you blame her?
another was talking about "going to the boats" every chance they get. Funny, it took me a minute to realize she was talking about the gambling boats.

A popular subject seemed to be cell phones. there was a sign that said,please turn off your cell phone. This seemed to put the one lady who had a phone into a complete tizzy. She was so concerned about turning it off and missing a call she was expecting but was also concerned about breaking the rules. Aah, what to do?
I was taking notes(of these happenings)  ON my phone while she was percolating about what to do. My phone was on vibrate so i figured i had followed the rules. Right?

What i began to feel was a sense of caring and concern among these strangers for one another.  They didn't know each other and may never meet again. But they shared a bond. A bond of a generation that knows the feeling of being left behind. They are ignored by the younger generations. What do they have to offer anymore? This is how they feel.
A veteran told my husband he feels like a hamburger wrapper sometimes. That wrapper is really important to you initially. You wont buy that burger without it, but once you get the hamburger, you crumple up the wrapper and throw it away.  Do you ever think of that wrapper again?  No, of course not.
My parents commented to me recently that they hope their new pastor isnt too young. I asked why and they explained their concern of being ignored if he was in his 30's. They said people walk right by them and don't even see them. My parents are healthy,vibrant 70 yr olds. Wow, does this really happen? Apparently.
Have i felt this at 48? Yes, if i am honest.
Will my son feel like this someday? Will he be the one telling the jokes?!

The question i ask myself is , do i do this on a daily basis? Do i walk by the person who's eyes are downcast or maybe even looking at me? Do i notice the person who is lonely or even has a smile to share with me?
If i pray on a daily basis for God to increase my territories and bless me indeed, how can i continue to ignore the possibilities he is putting in front of me?
Today i will try and see his hand in this journey he has put me on.

I will try and notice the unloved, the lonely, the depressed and the generation that feels they are unnecessary.  They are necessary and they are extremely valuable. Lets remember them today and love them while we still have them.

Hebrews 10:24 Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

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