Aug 17, 2010

Here I go

I am going to start a blog. Not with any expectations that anyone will read it.  It is more for me than anyone else really.  My husband has encouraged me to write everyday... so hard to do. Maybe this will help me. He is a very good writer.

I like to encourage people in their lives. In their journeys of faith.  In their day to day living. What's it all about anyway? What really matters?

I truly want to live a life of significance. I want to run with the horses( Jeremiah). I want to succeed at things that matter, not things that don't. I want to run this race well and finish strong. 

I fail more often than not. But i keep getting up because i know he loves me. :)

HE is God. My rock and my redeemer. The lover of my soul and protector of my heart. He loves me. I don't deserve it, but he loves me anyway. 
Thank you!

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