Aug 28, 2010


The other evening I remarked to a friend that i really hadn't accomplished a whole lot that day.  I seem to carry around this mental to do list in my head and if I dont check off enough "stuff" then the day didn't count. Even when I write this it sounds ridiculous.

After I said those words to her I thought back to my day. Actually, it had been a fantastic day in the things that mattered.
In the morning I had walked with two girlfriends that I never walk with and we laughed and enjoyed the sunny morning. Laughter is always my preferred way to start a day.
I spent some time with God and asked him to direct my ways for the day. Cant go wrong there, right?

I met with an amazing group of women for lunch and we spent 2 hours being transparent and honest while encouraging each other in our journeys through life. I am always filled up when i leave these women because they love Jesus and yet we are so different from one another.  I learn so much from them.

I communicated with a sweet friend who is on a new adventure in another country and I have the opportunity to encourage her and be blessed by her friendship.

I had the blessing of skyping with my parents for over an hour and we always laugh and enjoy the feeling of being much closer than the 1200 mile separation that exists.
 My daughter called me (no, she didn't need money) on the phone and my son and I skyped the hubby/dad and enjoyed a few moments of togetherness.

How on earth could I say to my friend that I had not accomplished much that day? All the things that mattered I had accomplished. The relationships in my life are what matter most. I know this but I have always been so go, do, create, check off orientated that I still fall into my old habits.
I need the reminders from Gods word to slow down and not miss the opportunities he allows me to share in. One of my favorite verses is "Be Still And Know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

Be still in worrying, trying to figure it all out. Let God be God in your life. He is not just your friend, he is your GOD. I don't know any other relationships that can match that description and i have some amazing female friends:)!
Why do we relegate him to a small area of our life? Why is he not invited to fill us with the Holy Spirit all the time, fully and completely?
I think if i did ask that of him every day i would have better relationships and I would know I had accomplished much on that day. My heart would be overflowing with gratitude and joy.
                         "Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice in it and be glad."

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