Aug 31, 2010

so long summer.....

September will arrive tomorrow and I believe it will feel similar to the days of August.. at least initially.
It has been hot, humid and ....horrible?!  The three H's?  No, it has been at least the first two but never the last.  I save that word for January.
Yes, i am a fair weather person. I have decided I want to live in Colorado but i want the ocean at the bottom of the ski lift in winter (or mossy green slopes in summer.) Hey, what an idea!

I guess I am most recently learning to be content. Spent years trying to arrive at this destination and just when it looks like the train is pulling into the station, the track splits and we go a different way.

A poet once wrote, " As a rule, man's a fool. When it's hot, he wants it cool. When it's cool, he want's it hot. Always wanting what is not." 

Well, i am only guilty of half that sentence so maybe i am only half a fool?  No, guess it doesn't work that way.
1 Thessalonians  5:18 says, "In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

It is all about trusting God more and ourselves less. I only need to look back on my life and I quickly recognize the times he has protected, provided and cared for me. How many more times did I not even know what he had done for me. He is always looking out for my good.

So, i will go into this new month, with new expectations and new opportunities.
My high school ladies small group starts this month, our Sunday night high school ministry begins and the hubby and i will be serving there. There are new opportunities at PRC to serve. I am joining Bible Study Fellowship again with a new study of Isaiah and there are other opportunities I am part of.

God has plans for all of us this fall. Will we be content enough to catch his desire for us?
Listen to this statement by a young married husband to his wife recently, "How can we be God -conscious when we are so wrapped up in being Self- conscious all the time?" He was convicted of this thought and in turn stretching his wife in her faith. I love that picture of how we as believers are to encourage one another.
Pretty amazing thought though isnt it? Are we not so self centered and self conscious all the time that there is hardly room to focus our thoughts on God? Hello....... you talkin to me?!

Perhaps this January I will be so thankful and looking up that I will only notice the sunshine and snowflakes that will fall from time to time. Another reminder of Gods greatness and that he is God and I am NOT.

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