Aug 31, 2010

PRC Life Banquet

Pregnancy Resource Center owns a part of my heart that I didn't even know existed years ago.  It is a place of hope and mercy to a world of hurting women and men. It is a safe place where a woman can go and share her pain, her fears and her hopes.  It is a place of hope because God lives there. He lives in the women that work and serve in this wonderful place. 

Its not your typical 9-5 job. No, this place is a calling. Its a place where you are going to get bruised and beat up..... your heart and soul. 
You are going to go home at night and cry for the darling high school girl who is afraid to tell her parents she is pregnant and thinks abortion is the only answer. You will rejoice when you see the ultrasound of twins as the young couple sits by with tears coming down their faces, scared to death. 
When you hear the women come in and call Greta by name and repeatedly thank her for changing their lives..... because she believed in them and she told them there might be a better way to live their life.
But always in love and never judging. Always with the mercy and grace that Jesus showed.

It is a place that will change you forever. You will not judge them because you know they have walked a road that you will never know. You have been spared the pain and neglect they have experienced. 
You will love them because that is the right thing to do and because you are called to love. 
It doesn't matter if they look like you, smell like you or speak your language. You will love them because they are Gods children, just like you are. No better and certainly, no worse.

We celebrate this place on September 16, 2010 at The Hilton Garden, Champaign.
Dr Tony Evans in our guest speaker. He is a gifted man and speaker who desires to serve Christ with his life. Want to join us?


Don't be shy...