Sep 3, 2010

Its September... one of my favorite months of the year. My brother has a big birthday this month, so hard to believe. He still seems 20ish to me. Of course that would make me still 20ish. Hmm, dont want to do that again.

My son starts his last xcountry season tomorrow. He is a good runner, if not a little lazy. If he ever really, really applied himself he would be amazing. But he would rather play. Cant really blame him. He is a fun loving, easy going kid who really seems to know who he is.
Still, his dad and I push him to do his best. He is suffering from the same injury as this time last year. Of course he could have avoided it if he had run over the summer more than 5 1/2 times but, read above. He was busy......playing.
Really , its okay with me. I don't believe my kids will be college athletes. I don't think they will participate in the Olympics.  Well, maybe if Xbox becomes an Olympic sport or texting.  Now, there you go.  I think I have a gold medalist there, maybe even two!  Sweet, because secretly i always wanted to say my kid participated in the olympics.

Tomorrow will be a bit melancholy for me, and I am not a melancholy person. My husband is and he will remark that this will be the last time his son will ever run this course. I will be thinking that it's the last time we have to drag our butts out of bed at 5:30 am to get him ready and then buy the overpriced bagels and cream cheese for the ungrateful kids and drive the hour to the course.  I will still be a little sad... the bagels are usually pretty good.

He is our youngest and so it is the end of the high school era of year round sports for us. We have been watching him involved in a sport every season for the past four years. Maybe if I had four or five more rambunctious boys I would be tired of it by now and ready to move on. I tease him that i am going to come to his college and watch him play ultimate frisbee and flag football because I know he will win medals in his intramural leagues.  Do they give out medals in intramural sports :)?

I know the future is bright for him as it is for his sister. She has blossomed in college. I am always amazed that I could have been given life to such an incredible young woman. She has so much grace and compassion towards people that i didn't have at her age.

So, i watch my children grow and become the people that God intended for them to be. I watch their stories unfold and I see people come into their lives and make them richer or leave them empty and wondering what they did wrong.  No worries sweet ones.

I don't care if they are Doctors or Lawyers or even the communities favorite Indian Chief.  I want them to find their calling and they will if they seek him.

My dream for my children is simple really. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind.  Love God - Love People.... and enjoy the journey kids. The prize is at the end.


  1. O.K., Dale, you had me at "this will be the last time his son would ever run this course." I teared up!!! I loved this post...sentimental and real!! Blessings to you and your fam who I love!!! Dana

  2. I have had so many lasts with now my 3rd child nearing her lasts in high school. I did tear up and still do, even for others. Take time to enjoy every moment!


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