Sep 8, 2010

The nino

I love you more than the sun and the stars that i taught how to shine. you are mine and you shine for me too.
I love you more  yesterday and today and tomorrow. You belong to me and i want you to know I m not letting go even when you come undone. Ill say it again and again. I love you more. I love you more. Shine for me. I love more than you can imagine, more than you can fathom.

Today I had the most wonderful conversation with my son.  A conversation about relationships, choices, academics and what God has planned for him. 
What a gift to watch him grow and become a Christian man. He has struggles like any 17 yr old but he is choosing what is best for him.  Its a lonely journey most of the time and I pray Gods blessing on him each day. 
The words to the song above were thoughts I shared with him.  He knows that God loves him more than the sun and the stars and he wants to shine for his heavenly father.  
I am so blessed to be his mama and i took his young man face into my hands, kissed his cheeks and told him how much i love him and how proud i am of him.

Thank you Jesus for your Holy Spirit who lives in each of us who choose you. Your spirit directs us and  guides us through this journey that can be lonely, hard and scary and thats on good days :).

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