Sep 29, 2010

Living a graced based life

Religion will never satisfy your soul.

How would it look if we trusted Christ so much that we just gave it all to Him, admitting we can't fix whatever it is we are dealing with. But... instead trusting Him to take care of it... completely. That's living by grace, recognizing that we can't control a thing.

Religion... making lots of rules, thinking we are in control of our lives. If we do this and this and then say that, well it looks pretty good, right?
God don't fly like that.
God is LOVE.......a crazy passionate, jealous love for his people.......... not religion, not rules, not legalism...

Let's not poison the grace of God by adding religion to our faith. Let's keep it the way Jesus intended it. He called us to have a childlike faith.

The church needs to show the grace of God through the truth of Gods word and our actions. Not a place that dilutes the truth or makes people follow man made rules. Let the church be Jesus.
I wish.

Have you ever spoken to a child about who Jesus is and who God is? They have a simple, child like faith that God calls us too. God made it easy for us. We humans have made it hard. We blame it on God but it was us... not him.

Mark 10:15 'Assuredly I say to you, Whoever does not receive the kingdom like a little child will by no means enter it."

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