Oct 1, 2010

The Words I Would Say - Sidewalk Prophets [lyrics]

When I think of these words I think of my children. Of course the obvious fact .... this is the way God thinks of us. I pray these words for them as I know they will have struggles through this life. I want them to remember whose they are and who cares for them. Of course I do, but even a mothers love cannot compare with the love of God for his children. Hard for me to imagine but I know it is true. 
My children know the love of God in their hearts, minds and souls and I give God all the glory. 
They know he is their rock and redeemer. Their mighty deliverer and protector. The lover of their souls and constant companion. 
My job is complete if they have found Christ and cling to him with their every decision and choice. Be true to who created you and who has a plan for you. A plan to bless you and go before you and to be graceful and merciful to you. 
What a blessing to watch this happen. My prayer has always been for my children to know Joy and that  comes through relationship with Christ. 
Happiness is nice. We experience happiness during moments in life, a birthday, a new car.  Joy is so much richer..... Joy can be for a lifetime, having nothing to do with our circumstances.

Thank you God that you care more for my children's character than their comfort.
(and my)

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  1. your writings get better and more meaningful everyday, honey. love Mom


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